Fraser Valley Farm Direct Marketing Association

The Fraser Valley Farm Direct Marketing Association (FVFDMA), formed in 1994, promotes and develops the market for farmers selling direct to the consumer either from their farms or at farmers’ markets. There are currently 77 members. The FVFDMA produces a Farm Fresh Reference Guide each spring that lists farms and their locally-grown products. About 65,000 copies of the Reference Guide will be distributed this year.

What does the FVFDMA do?

The FVFDMA provides many services and opportunities to member farmers, including:


2017 – 2018 FVFDMA Board of Directors:

Murray Siemens, President
Tel: 604.854.8710

Melissa Anderson, Director Tel: 604.888.0788

Diane Bruinsma, Director Tel: 604.819.6203

Judy Campbell, Director Tel: 604.856.2125

Gary Moran, Director Tel: 604.792.3407

Caroline Phillips, Director Tel: 604.855.3374

Jill Robbins, Director 604.857.8912

Linda Seale, Director Tel: 604.556.8066

Catherine Simpson, Director Tel 604.626.4395

Loren Taves, Director Tel: 604.853.3108

Renata Triveri, Director Tel: 604.466.3254

Sarah Van Heeswijk, Advisor BC Ministry of Agriculture Tel: 604.556.3051