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Oven Baked Crispy Chicken

Here is a great recipe from Lepp Farm Market for all you fried chicken lovers that has the same great flavour without the calories and mess. Here is how Charlotte Lepp describes the recipe: Like most people, I love fried … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between Cow Cheese and Goat Cheese?

We came across this article written by Dan Nosowitz in Modern Farmer and thought it would be of interest to our BC Farm Fresh cheese lovers. Cow milk is what comes to mind for most people when thinking about what … Continue reading

Mini Potato Pizzas

Here’s a fun version of pizza that makes a great snack or party favorite. Recipe courtesy of Love & Lemons Yield: 8 Prep Time: 10 Minutes Ready Time: 22 Minutes Cook Time: 12 Minutes   Ingredients 8 to 12 fingerling … Continue reading

3,800 Year Old “Potato” Garden Unearthed in BC

For all you vegetable and history lovers; this blog is for you!           A new discovery made during roadworks in BC shows that farmers of ancient times in the area may have been more sophisticated than … Continue reading

Quick and Delicious Slow Cooker Chicken and Potatoes

This recipe is perfect for on-the-go families who want to come home to a delicious meal that’s ready to eat. With just 30 minutes prep time, you can set the slow cooker in the morning and forget about it until … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Stories

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly; this year the falls on the Wednesday right after our Family Day holiday. What could be better than a long week-end followed by romance? To help you remember to celebrate this special day and gain … Continue reading

Best Ever Meatloaf

Lepp Farm Market shares a great meatloaf recipe!   This recipe from MEI’s Ladies Auxiliary 1983 Cookery Carousel is still my favorite meatloaf recipe, basic but so flavourful.  The key to a great texture that’s not tough and dry is … Continue reading

The Link Between Eggs and Reduced Stroke Risk

Eggs are an affordable, accessible, nutrient-rich source of high-quality protein. New research shows that eggs are associated with a 12% reduction in the risk of stroke, the fifth-leading cause of death in North America. Researchers have scrutinized the possible relationship … Continue reading

Weeknight Meatballs

Lepp Farm Market has a great recipe for meatballs that can be start of some wonderful meals.                 Yield: 22 to 24 small (about 1.5-inch or 1.5 tablespoon) meatballs. To ensure the meatballs … Continue reading

Looking at Some 2018 Food Trends

BC Farm Fresh surfed the web to look at possible food trends for 2018. Wow, the year ahead looks to be really exciting, tasty and colourful. But don’t be alarmed that the experts are expecting you to change. From what … Continue reading

Stephanie’s Orzo Beef Skillet with Kale

This recipe is from Lepp Farm Market Our Grocery Manager, Stephanie, is one of the busiest women that I know these days!  When she isn’t at the market, cheerfully leading her team of cashiers, or restocking, ordering, and keeping track of … Continue reading

Five life lessons learned by growing up on a farm

Kaitlynn Anderson shares what she learnt from growing up on a farm. Growing up on the farm, I learned many things. Food production isn’t simple. Cattle are ruminants. Damage from spider mites can first be seen on the edges of … Continue reading

BC Farm Fresh’s Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost the end of the year and the start of a whole new year. A great way to mark the New Year is to make resolutions for personal improvement. At BC Farm Fresh we did some research into the … Continue reading

Ten Reasons Why Santa Claus Could have been a farmer

Here’s a light hearted story that compares Santa Claus to farmers. Whether it’s true we’ll let you decide!               He works all year, just to give his stuff away He’s good with livestock He … Continue reading

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

Looking for something different to do with your turkey left-overs? This is a great low-carb version of Tacos. No shells, just lettuce. Colourful, bright and tasty!             Ingredients 1 Tbsp olive oil 3/4 cup Chopped … Continue reading

The History of Christmas Trees

When it comes to Christmas trees; what type of family are you? Does your family believe that it’s never too early to put a tree up? Or do you prefer to wait until two weeks before or one week before … Continue reading

Turkey Soup with White Beans, Vegetables and Pesto

Are you looking ahead to what to do with leftover turkey after Christmas? Here is a great turkey soup recipe from Thrifty Foods that is so hearty it is almost a meal on its own.     Makes: 10 servings Type … Continue reading

Poinsettia fun facts

Poinsettias are another great Christmas tradition. These brightly coloured flowers are sure to brighten up any home through all our dark our December days. Our local poinsettia growers buy cuttings in mid-summer and carefully grow them until November/December. These poor … Continue reading

Blueberry Linzer Cookies

Here’s a classic Christmas cookie, but with a BC twist – it’s made with blueberries! They’re a little work, but these cookies are just as delicious as they are beautiful!           JAM FILLING: 1 cup 150g … Continue reading

Tips for choosing and caring for a fresh Christmas tree

Christmas is just around the corner and your family may be setting out to choose that perfect fresh Christmas tree. Before you head out here are a few tips to help you first choose your tree and then care for … Continue reading

Classic Pork with Apples

This recipe is from the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s Calendar. Updated with the robust flavours of apple cider and contemporary spices, this classic pairing of pork and apples makes an easy weeknight dinner. Serve the extra sauce over rice or … Continue reading

Want your baby to eat veggies; then eat veggies!

If you want your baby to love broccoli, you better love it, too, because that tiny human is watching you to learn which foods are good and bad. That’s one of the takeaways in a research paper by a UC … Continue reading

Apple and Cheddar Socca

Easy to Bake, Healthy, Comfort Food Socca recipes seem to be popping up a lot on food blogs and in magazines these days. If you haven’t encountered one yet, a socca is a pan bread that is simple to make … Continue reading

5 Ways Ambrosia Apples Boost Energy

We found this great article on the Ambrosia apple blog and had to share it with everyone at BC Farm Fresh. While they are partial to Ambrosia apples, the principles apply to any local, fresh apple !       … Continue reading

Spicy Turkey Meatloaf

There’s nothing like the comfort of a good meatloaf to offset the November storms. This great recipe from J D Farms Specialty Turkey Store adds a twist to the usual recipe by adding some spice. If you’re looking for some … Continue reading

Spaghetti squash – have you tried them?

Have you ventured into the world of spaghetti squash yet? This is an amazing vegetable that when cooked, produces thin, translucent spaghetti-like strands that can easily be scraped out with a fork. After all our experience with carving pumpkins, it’s … Continue reading

Is it a Mistake to Peel Your Apples?

The Hidden Benefits in Apple Skins Peeling apples is a time honoured culinary tradition but you may be throwing away the best part. It’s time to park the apple peeler if you want to get the most out of your … Continue reading

Gouda, Mushroom and Kale-stuffed Chicken Breast

Here’s a great winter dinner recipe from Thrifty Foods.         Makes: 4 servings Type Of Dish: Dinner Prep Time: 40 minutes Cooking Time: 35 minutes Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes   Ingredients 4 Tbsp. extra virgin … Continue reading

Get to know your onions

Ever wondered why some recipes call for a particular kind of onion and whether another can be substituted in its place? We certainly have at BC Farm Fresh. After some taste tasting, cooking, and research, we found that all onions … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Waffles

If you just can’t get enough of pumpkins in your life and diet; here’s a great breakfast treat.         Ingredients 2 cups (500 mL) all-purpose flour 1/4 cup (50 mL) granulated sugar 1 tbsp (15 mL) ground … Continue reading

Pumpkins and the history behind Jack-o-Lanterns

Ever wondered about the history and origins of carving pumpkins into what we call Jack-o-laterns? Well, at BC Farm Freesh we did some internet investitating. The practice of making jack-o-lanterns at Halloween goes back for centuries. Stories say the practice … Continue reading

Easy Apple Cake

The sun may still be shining, but anytime this cake it made, it makes me feel like I should be bundled up under a blanket by the fire! As it’s baking in the oven, it fills our kitchen with some … Continue reading

Pumpkin fun facts

Fall is a time for colours, fog, jack-o’-lanterns, and pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are one of the classic symbols of the season, and spooky jack-o’-lanterns have become a staple of Halloween celebrations everywhere. But long before pumpkin spice lattes became the … Continue reading

Pumpkin Cobbler

This recipe is a family favorite. When the kids moved away from home this was the one recipe they e-mailed home for. It’s a huge favorite at potlucks. It’s a great cold weather treat. And because it’s full of dairy … Continue reading

Tips on choosing the perfect pumpkin

One of our favourite fall images is a small child standing beside a giant pumpkin.  Seeing the wonder in their eyes, and the excitement in their step, is one of the greatest joys a farmer can witness.   And while … Continue reading

Turkey 101

Thanksgiving is coming up this week-end. Thanks to J D Farms Specialty Turkey Store for sharing their information on how to prepare the perfect turkey for your family and guests this week-end.       Ordering When ordering, plan on … Continue reading

Sizzling Summer Give Away – October

It’s now October and sadly it’s the last month of our sizzling summer give away. But what an amazing selection of prizes from our participating farms!   This month we feature six farms that will really give you a grand … Continue reading

Brown Butter Caramel Apple Cake

Brown Butter Caramel Apple Cake A great recipe from The Sweet and Simple Kitchen. This recipe takes our fall favorites to a different level.               Things you need…   Crumble 3/4 cups all purpose … Continue reading

The History of Apples

Have you ever wondered where apples come from. Sure we all enjoy their great flavour, crunch, and versatility, but how did they get to BC? The exact origins of what we recognize as apples are rather obscure but they are … Continue reading

Cajun Chicken with Grilled Corn Salsa

Thanks to Lepp Farm Market for this fabulous recipe! Summer is rapidly coming to an end and so let’s enjoy every possible way to use Lepp’s fresh, sweet corn. If you’re feeding a bigger family, or especially hungry people, you … Continue reading

Corn – What’s in a Name?

At BC Farm Fresh we’ve been getting a few questions about corn; people looking for old favorite varieties and familiar names. We came across this great blog from Lepp Farm Market that’s a veritable corn-cyclopedia. Now you know the truth … Continue reading

Apple Pecan Bread Pudding

It’s apple season at BC Farm Fresh. There are so many ways to enjoy apples; fresh off the tree, baked, sauced; you name it! Here is a twist on an old favorite. Chunks of whole-grain bread, soaking up the flavours … Continue reading

How to choose the right apple

Abbotsford is Apple Happy! Fall means apples, and trust us, there are lots to u-pick and harvest. Archeologists have evidence that humans have been enjoying apples since 6500 B.C! While our farms hasn’t been around for that long, some have … Continue reading

Mediterranean Style Warm Potato Salad

For something different for your summer entertainment, try a warm potato salad now that the days are getting cooler.       Makes: 8 servings Type Of Dish: Salads Prep Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 30 … Continue reading

Sizzling Summer Give Away – September

It’s now September and is the weather ever sizzling!   For the September Sizzling Summer Give Away, we feature five farms that will really give you a grand tour of the Valley from Surrey to Chilliwack and provide a nice … Continue reading

Pork Tacos with Blueberry Pineapple Salsa

Here’s a great summer recipe that features blueberries in a way you may not have thought of. It’s bright, colourful, tasty and a visual treat. A sure hit for backyard barbeques and sure to impress all. It starts with BC … Continue reading

Apple Ring Pancakes

The apple season is here! Many BC Farm Fresh farms are now selling fresh, local apples. Here’s a great breakfast idea from Thrifty Foods that looks and tastes amazing. Plus these pancakes have the added goodness of fresh apples. They’re as … Continue reading

Carats to Carrot Lost Engagement Ring Found Wrapped Around Veggie 13 Years Later

This is not a BC Farm Fresh story, but its too cute to pass up. And it involves carrots when a carrot was nice enough to return a lost ring to its rightful owner. We thought you might enjoy the happy … Continue reading

Blueberry Superfood Salad

Here’s a super nutritious recipe that features blueberries, kale, hemp, and quinoa. It’s equally colourful and flavourful. A great addition to your backyard dinners or BBQs.       Yields 4 portions   Ingredients: 2 cups (200 g) Raw kale, … Continue reading

Blueberry Fun Facts

Time for an in-depth look into our favorite blue berry. Everyone loves blueberries whether they’re picked and eaten straight from the bush or baked into a favorite dessert, but have you ever wanted to know more about this delicious fruit? … Continue reading

Blueberry Green Zinger Smoothie

Here’s a recipe that’s a real nutritional powerhouse!           Ingredients: Developed for the BCBC by Edible Canada at the Market Yields: 4 portions 2 cups Spinach 5 stalks Kale, roughly chopped 1 cup Beets, cooked and roughly … Continue reading

Sizzling Summer Give Away – August

Summer sure has been sizzling and smoky hot the past few weeks. Our August Sizzling Summer Give Away is sure to add to your summer fun. We have some great prizes for the lucky winner this month. The winner will … Continue reading


The 2017 BC blueberry season is underway! Here are some timely tips on how to buy store and handle your BC blueberries. We don’t need to tell you how to enjoy these wonderful berries!         How to … Continue reading

Blueberry Bacon Bread Pudding

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Looking for something to start your week-end off with a nutritional and flavour bang? This recipe takes blueberries and bacon to the next level. Plus it has the added goodness of eggs and dairy products. All in all, a great … Continue reading

Lepp Farm Market peach pie contest

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Calling all bakers!!! It’s just about time for our 4th Annual Peach Pie Competition, and registration is now open. The winning pie will take home a $250 Lepp Farm Market gift card, and bragging rights to the best pie around. … Continue reading

Goji Mango Salsa

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This simple and colorful mango salsa is super easy to make! It’s sweet, spicy and absolutely delicious. Serve this fresh mango salsa with chips, on tacos or salads, or as a salad itself. It’s that good. A great way to … Continue reading

Unique Crops

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When you take a scroll through the BC Farm Fresh Guide list of the many bountiful crops produced in our fertile Fraser Valley, you will notice that there are a larger number of growers of the to-be-expected from berries, veggies, … Continue reading

Sizzling Summer Give Away – July

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Welcome to Summer! Our Sizzling Summer Give Away is back!               This month we feature five farms that that are all about seasonal fresh. We have an amazing mix if prizes for the winner: … Continue reading

Grilled Chicken with Raspberry Sauce

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Here’s a great BBQ recipe that combines two summer favorite that may not have occurred to you before: fresh raspberries and grilled chicken. A tasty, nutritious dinner that captures summer’s great flavours.     Ingredients 3/4 cup raspberry jam 2 … Continue reading

Hydrangea Hysteria

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This is the time of year when hydrangeas really shine in the garden; in fact they’ve been looking amazing for several weeks. They are not one of the quiet, unassuming flowers in the garden. Their huge pom-poms of flowers say … Continue reading

Chocolate Raspberry Shortcake

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Here’s a great recipe that combines fresh local raspberries, chocolate and whipping cream. What could be better! Tasty and visually spectacular. It’ll be sure to impress your family and friends.       Ingredients 1-1/4 cups flour 2 Tbsp. cocoa … Continue reading

Commissioned Rose Namings

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Do you have an avid gardener in your life that you’re always looking for just the perfect gift? Well Brad at Select Roses may have the perfect gift for your special gardener. You can commission one of his special roses … Continue reading

Raspberry Iced Tea

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Here’s another great way to enjoy BC Farm Fresh raspberries. Refreshing and tasty. A perfect drink for family BBQs, back-yard parties, and for the beach. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: A few minutes Makes: About 6 (1 cup) servings … Continue reading

Raspberry Razzle Dazzle

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We’re just seeing the first raspberries at BC Farm Fresh. It’s exciting to have the second local berry ready; a sure sign that summer is finally here! To celebrate these great berries, we’re providing an in depth look at these … Continue reading

Strawberry Cucumber Salad with Honey Balsamic Dressing

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Here’s a visually stunning recipe with only four ingredients. It’s tasty, nutritious and sure to impress your friends and family. It all starts with fresh, local strawberries and cucumbers.             Ingredients 2 pints strawberries, stemmed … Continue reading

Strawberries – a summer delight!

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Nothing says the start of summer like strawberries. Each sweet, juicy berry seems to shout out “summer’s here!” They are an amazingly versatile berry; they can be frozen, made into jams, pies, cakes, smoothies; the list is endless. However, the … Continue reading

How to Stuff a Strawberry

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Here’s a great idea for summer entertaining that captures the great taste of our local, fresh strawberries! These pop in your mouth treats will add a special zing to family events or your summer patio entertaining. Follow the simple steps … Continue reading

Mini Strawberry Shortcake

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Time to enjoy our great local strawberries and you can do so guilt-free! Nutritional experts consider strawberries a nutritional “superfood,” because they are an excellent source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, potassium, folate and fiber. In fact, eight strawberries contain more … Continue reading

Perfect Peonies

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Peonies are currently putting on  some magnificent shows in gardens. They are a perennial favorite in our late spring gardens with their amazing flowers full of pink, white or dark red petals. And then their fragrance! In addition to being … Continue reading

Goat’s Milk Gelato at Milner Valley Cheese

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Gelato is something that our family farm has always had an interest in producing from the beginning. Cheese was our first ambition, but we also wanted a product to complement the cheese. So why not gelato? It’s a fantastic treat … Continue reading

Enjoying Rhododendrons

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We thought it was a good time to celebrate a pacific North West garden favorite – the rhododendron! It’s a garden staple in many of our Fraser Valley gardens. The flowers come in a wide range of colours from deep … Continue reading

Gouda Onion Dip

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Here’s a great dip recipe just in time for summer entertaining, backyard BBQs, and our own local, fresh vegetables. Make up a batch and enjoy a leisurely break on your back deck.     Ingredients 1 Tbsp. olive oil or vegetable … Continue reading

Happy Victoria Day!

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  Everyone jokes about the sometimes repressed times known as the Victorian era. But there’s a lot about the woman we owe the first unofficial long weekend of our summer to every year that you may not have realized.   … Continue reading

Attracting Hummingbirds to your Garden

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Hummingbirds are a special treat in the garden and we always consider ourselves lucky to see one. But did you know that seeing one in your garden doesn’t have to rely on luck? You can make your garden a hummingbird … Continue reading

All About Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It really is one of those days that we should all stop and take notice of the special woman or women in our lives that have been there for us through thick and … Continue reading

16 Stunning Hellebores for 2017

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  Hellebores are one of our favourite flowers for the later winter and early Spring. Given our never ending winter, we had the opportunity to grab a few photos and showcase some of our favourites, some new and some old. … Continue reading

The Buzz on Honeybees

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What is a honeybee? Honeybees are flying insects, and close relatives of wasps and ants. They are found on every continent on earth, except for Antarctica. Bees of all varieties live on nectar and pollen. Without bees, pollination would be … Continue reading

Enchanting Lilacs

The first blooms of lilac are opening in gardens. Their amazing fragrance makes it impossible to walk by without stopping to first enjoy their incredible fragrance. Their colours range from pure white to the deepest purples. They are a garden … Continue reading

Spring Rhubarb

A sure sign of spring – rhubarb. What could be better than a piping hot bowl of rhubarb crumble? Or how about a delicious rhubarb pie, summery rhubarb fool or homemade rhubarb jam? With so many classic rhubarb recipes to … Continue reading

Wedding Favors at BC Farm Fresh

Congratulations! You’re getting married. We know, we know…you have a to-do list that is 3 feet long! First things first. Venue. The Fraser Valley has gorgeous farm venues that are ready to be explored. Once you have the perfect venue … Continue reading

Deviled Egg Chicks

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Just in time for Easter. The kids will love this fun and tasty snack for Spring.         Ingredients 4 large eggs, hard boiled 1 tbsp plain yogurt 2-3 tsp mayonnaise 1/2 tsp honey mustard salt and pepper … Continue reading

Life of Farm Dog Champ

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Hey Everyone! For those of you that haven’t had the chance to meet me out here on the farm, let me introduce myself. My name is Champ & I am the farm dog here at Aldor Acres. I know a … Continue reading

Weddings at BC Farm Fresh

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It’s an exciting new year at BC Farm Fresh. New for 2017 at BC Farm Fresh is weddings! Yes, several of our farms are offering their fabulous farm location to host your perfect farm/country styled wedding.   Some might brush … Continue reading

Magnolia Magic

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A garden favorite that is just coming into bloom is the magnolia (Magnolia spp.). They put out a spectacular flower displays in early spring; followed by showy seedpods that look like they come from another planet. Their wonderful pink or … Continue reading

Chef Dez’s Greek Burgers

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These quarter-pound burgers are full of Greek flavours. Also included is Chef Dez’s recips for Greek Tzatziki – perfect for serving on the burgers! These burgers are celiac friendly as they have no breadcrumb filler, and serve them wrapped in … Continue reading

The Effects of Gardening as a Child

In our blog last week we talked about the health benefits of gardening for elderly women. Research showed that elderly women who participated in gardening significantly reduced their waist circumference and improved aerobic endurance, hand dexterity, cognitive function, and amount … Continue reading

Turkey Mushroom Soup with Tarragon

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It may be the first week of spring, but it’s perfect soup weather! Delicious, creamy, easy to make soup for busy days.         Ingredients: 1 lb. button mushrooms, thinly sliced 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 lb. ground Mixed … Continue reading

Gardening for your health

Today was the first day of spring and what a day it was! Sunny and double digit temperatures. It’s enough to get you thinking about gardening! If you’re looking for some additional incentives this year to garden this year; we’ve … Continue reading

Pretty Primulas

Primulas are another great spring beauty. These amazing bright flowers are wonderful on their own or planted in spring combination planters with other spring flowers like tulips and daffodils. The cheerful, happy flowers are found in a dazzling variety of … Continue reading

The Cost of Not Eating Fruits and Vegetables

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Fast food and junk food companies spend billions of dollars each year to convince us to eat their products. Just think of Super Bowl ads that costs 5 million dollars for a 30 second ad.  When is the last time … Continue reading

Pansy Pointers

Pansies and violas are a great additions to your fall or spring gardens – they’re one flower that thrives in cool, wet weather. There’s no better treat in the garden than seeing their bright, cheerful faces boldly confronting our unpredictable … Continue reading

Why are cucumbers fruit and rhubarbs vegetables?

Apples, blueberries and pears are fruit. Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower are vegetables. That seems pretty simple, right? But in the world of fruit versus vegetables it’s not always that straight forward. For botanists the distinction between fruit and vegetables is … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Stories

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly; this year the day falls on the Tuesday right after our Family Day holiday. What could be better than a long week-end followed by romance? To help you remember to celebrate this special day and … Continue reading

Cuddle up with Kale

You may have forgotten, but before 2013 the biggest use of kale was not for its incredible nutritional value, but for its decorative value in salad bars and main dishes. Yes, most kale was routinely thrown out at the end … Continue reading

Win a basket of BC Farm Fresh products at the Pacific Agriculture Show

BC Farm Fresh would like to invite you all to the Pacific Ag Show this week. It’s taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Tradex in Abbotsford. The hours are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM each day. It’s a … Continue reading

Health Benefits of House Plants

The past many weeks of cold weather and snow may have kept us indoors more than normal. For those of us that miss the outdoors and our gardens, we can fill our homes with flowering plants and tropical foliage plants. … Continue reading

Lovely Leeks

Leeks are cousins to onions, but rather than forming a tight bulb like the onion, leeks produce a long cylinder of bundled leaf sheaths. The part of that is underground remains tender and white, while the part exposed to the … Continue reading

FVFDMA’s Top ten New Year’s Resolutions

Warning: this blog provides a very slanted view on life! It’s almost the end of the year and the start of a whole new year. A great way to mark the New Year is to make resolutions for personal improvement. … Continue reading

Turkey Tales

As many of you celebrate Christmas with your families, we thought we’d provide some turkey tidbits perk your interest and to amaze your family. You can entertain you friends and family with some tall turkey tales! The prehistoric turkey Researchers … Continue reading

Just How do Santa’s Reindeer get the Job Done?

We came across this great article and had to share it with BC Farm Fresh! Have you ever wondered how Santa’s reindeer can make that monumental journey on Christmas Eve?  Let’s look into some key facts about reindeer that may … Continue reading

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