UBC Farm Online Workshops – Snake Oil to Craft Cocktails: the History, Ingredients, Use, & Making of Bitters

Date(s) - Thu, Oct 29
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


About this Workshop

This seminar will cover the history of bitters from medicinal origins to pre-prohibition cocktails to the current market. It will also cover the historically important plants used for bitterness and their history and medicinal properties. From there we’ll discuss how to use bitters in cocktails and food and finish up with a tasting segment and with how to make simple bitters at home.

About the Instructor

Cole Benoit is the founder and head bitters maker at The Apothecary Bitters Company, one of Canada’s top cocktail bitters brands, where they specialize in small batch bitters made from all natural botanicals. Constantly experimenting and creating, he’s also active in cocktail and spirit consulting, designing cocktail programs and award winning products such as amaro, absinthe and liqueurs for brands such as Long Table Distillery. His knowledge in these fields has led him into teaching others about these products, cocktails and more over the past several years, through published articles, seminars and events throughout North America. As well, his in-depth knowledge about plants and botanicals, as well as years of experience with infusions, give him a unique perspective rarely found in the industry.

Date and Time

Thursday, October 29| 5:30 – 7:00 pm (1.5 hours)

Online via Zoom

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