The Garden Project

  • 2408 Montview Ave, Abbotsford

  • 604.859.7681

  • Marina Gibson & Abbotsford Community Services
  • 604.859.6334
  • Communitygarden@abbotsfordcommunityservices.com

The Garden Project is a partnership between Abbotsford Community Services and Day 1 Urban Farm. Located in Downtown Abbotsford, we share a desire to see our community grow and have our neighbourhood inspire well-being. We’re taking barren urban space and making it come alive with plants and people. We’re bringing the country into the city, and farming land that others used to walk past. We use this newly created green-space to: grow fruits and vegetables, sell home-grown produce, teach how to include fresh food in your life, and connect with our neighbours. The goal is to keep things all-natural and down-to-earth. The compact city location evokes the way of homestead gardens in days gone by. This means we harvest when crops are ripe, plant in time-honored pairings for best flavour, and deliver immediately.

Open: April 15-Nov 1; Mon-Fri 10am until the produce runs out. Catch us Saturdays at the Abbotsford Farmer's Market. Contact Garden Manager at 604-302-6400 for availability & hours.