Valentine’s Day Stories

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Valentine’s Day is coming quickly; this year the falls on the Wednesday right after our Family Day holiday. What could be better than a long week-end followed by romance? To help you remember to celebrate this special day and gain a greater appreciation of the day; BC Farm Fresh has gone out to the World Wide Web on a fact finding mission to find some Valentine’s Day fun facts.




The origin of Valentine’s Day

  Chocolates and Valentine’s Day

Birds and Valentine’s Day

There are some great superstitions about the bird that you watch on Valentine’s Day will predict what type of man you’ll marry. If you see a:

The question from BC Farm Fresh is: what type of bird do you have to see to marry a farmer?

Flowers and Valentine’s Day

Sign, yes flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day folklore:


Our final thought on Valentine’s Day at BC Farm Fresh is: why did vegetables lose out on Valentine’s Day traditions? What could be more romantic than a head of broccoli or beautiful red cabbage?

Enjoy the day and don’t forget to celebrate your sweetheart!