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Our beef the environment and YOU

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There’s a lot in the news about beef production, particularly how it’s negative for the environment. It’s true that some producers have lost their way, but this doesn’t mean that all cattle producers are poor stewards of the land. At … Continue reading

Sizzling Summer Contest at BC Farm Fresh

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We’re starting to give up on summer ever arriving at BC Farm Fresh, so we decided to heat things up with some give-aways over the next few months. This week we feature three farms in the Abbotsford area. We’ve got … Continue reading

Kohlrabi – space alien or vegetable?

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At BC Farm Fresh this vegetable is often the subject of many jokes; we’re fascinated by its strange looks. In apology to the jokes we’ve made at the expense of kohlrabis; today’s blog will feature this great vegetable. And we’ll … Continue reading

Is local food worth all the hype?

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Here are five reasons to consider. Local food: 1. Tastes and looks better. Crops are picked at their peak and farmstead products, such as artisan cheeses are hand-crafted and made in small batches for optimal flavour. With livestock processed in … Continue reading

Raspberry Iced Tea

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A perfect summer drink to cool you and your family down this summer. Can be made with any of your favorite BC Farm Fresh berry! Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: A few minutes Makes: About 6 (1 cup) servings … Continue reading

Hydrangea Hysteria

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This is the time of year when hydrangeas really shine in the garden; in fact they’ve been looking amazing for several weeks. They are not one of the quiet, unassuming flowers in the garden. Their huge pom-poms of flowers say … Continue reading