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The Joys of Apples – Part One

We’re just starting off with another great apple harvest at BC Farm Fresh. Apples are fabulous to eat right off the tree and are great in all sorts of baking and cooking recipes. Apple pies, apple sauce, apple cider – … Continue reading

How to choose the right apple?

Did you know that there are more than 1,000 varieties of apples grown in North America and dozens grown in Southern British Columbia? To help prepare you for apple season, here’s an overview of the apples we grow at Taves … Continue reading

Corn – What’s in a Name?

At BC Farm Fresh we’ve been getting a few questions about corn; people looking for old favorite varieties and familiar names. We came across this great blog from Lepp Farm Market that’s a veritable corn-cyclopedia. Now you know the truth … Continue reading

Sizzling Summer Give Away Continues

The Sizzling Summer Give Away continues! It’s now August and we’re getting really worried about summer ever arriving at BC Farm Fresh. We’re going to try with some more give-aways to heat up your summer and get you out of … Continue reading

Cooking sausages to perfection, every time – Tips from Urban Digs

Sausages are tasty, but unless they’re cooked properly, the results can be less than awesome. Cooking a sausage is no different than cooking a steak, if you rush, you’ll be disappointed, but if you take the care and the time, … Continue reading

Baba Ganoush

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Here’s a classic eggplant recipe from the Applebarn Taves Family Farm. Ingredients • 4 medium eggplant • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil • 1/2 tsp sea salt • 2 tbsp lemon juice • 2 cloves garlic, smashed and peeled … Continue reading

Dive into the world of eggplants

Some fun facts to consider as you enjoy this deep, dark beauty. 1. Eggplants aren’t REALLY vegetables, they’re berries. Which isn’t that strange, considering other fruits are commonly mistaken for vegetables – like tomatoes. 2. Eggplants and tomatoes are actually … Continue reading