Monthly Archives: November 2016

Why Don’t We Eat Turkey Eggs?

With Christmas just around the corner, at BC Farm Fresh we got to wondering why we’ve never seen fresh turkey eggs offered for sale at our local farms or in the local grocery stores. Statistics Canada estimates that the average … Continue reading

About beeswax and candles

Every wondered about beeswax. The Honey Bee Centre has a great article on beeswax and candles. Just in time for your Christmas shopping.   What is Beeswax? Honeybees are the only creatures that make their own home construction materials. When … Continue reading

Spaghetti squash – have you tried them?

Have you ventured into the world of spaghetti squash yet? This is an amazing vegetable that when cooked, produces thin, translucent spaghetti-like strands that can easily be scraped out with a fork. After all our experience with carving pumpkins, it’s … Continue reading

Onions – fun facts you never knew

After a serious look at onions last week, now it’s time to learn some funny details about them, some tips on using onions, and the answer as to why onions make you cry.         Fun Facts Our … Continue reading