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Classic Pork with Apples

This recipe is from the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s Calendar. Updated with the robust flavours of apple cider and contemporary spices, this classic pairing of pork and apples makes an easy weeknight dinner. Serve the extra sauce over rice or … Continue reading

Want your baby to eat veggies; then eat veggies!

If you want your baby to love broccoli, you better love it, too, because that tiny human is watching you to learn which foods are good and bad. That’s one of the takeaways in a research paper by a UC … Continue reading

Apple and Cheddar Socca

Easy to Bake, Healthy, Comfort Food Socca recipes seem to be popping up a lot on food blogs and in magazines these days. If you haven’t encountered one yet, a socca is a pan bread that is simple to make … Continue reading

5 Ways Ambrosia Apples Boost Energy

We found this great article on the Ambrosia apple blog and had to share it with everyone at BC Farm Fresh. While they are partial to Ambrosia apples, the principles apply to any local, fresh apple !       … Continue reading

Spicy Turkey Meatloaf

There’s nothing like the comfort of a good meatloaf to offset the November storms. This great recipe from J D Farms Specialty Turkey Store adds a twist to the usual recipe by adding some spice. If you’re looking for some … Continue reading

Spaghetti squash – have you tried them?

Have you ventured into the world of spaghetti squash yet? This is an amazing vegetable that when cooked, produces thin, translucent spaghetti-like strands that can easily be scraped out with a fork. After all our experience with carving pumpkins, it’s … Continue reading

Is it a Mistake to Peel Your Apples?

The Hidden Benefits in Apple Skins Peeling apples is a time honoured culinary tradition but you may be throwing away the best part. It’s time to park the apple peeler if you want to get the most out of your … Continue reading

Gouda, Mushroom and Kale-stuffed Chicken Breast

Here’s a great winter dinner recipe from Thrifty Foods.         Makes: 4 servings Type Of Dish: Dinner Prep Time: 40 minutes Cooking Time: 35 minutes Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes   Ingredients 4 Tbsp. extra virgin … Continue reading

Get to know your onions

Ever wondered why some recipes call for a particular kind of onion and whether another can be substituted in its place? We certainly have at BC Farm Fresh. After some taste tasting, cooking, and research, we found that all onions … Continue reading