Monthly Archives: December 2018

BC Farm Fresh’s Top ten New Year’s Resolutions

Warning: this blog is a very slanted view on life!   It’s almost the end of the year and the start of a whole new year. A great way to mark the New Year is to make resolutions for personal … Continue reading

Turkey Tales

As many of you celebrate Christmas with your families, we thought we’d provide some turkey tidbits to perk your interest and to entertain your family – some tall turkey tales!         The prehistoric turkey Researchers have found … Continue reading

Just How do Santa’s Reindeer get the Job Done

We came across this really cute article from the Oklahoma State University Extension and we had to share it with BC Farm Fresh! Have you ever wondered how Santa’s reindeer can make that monumental journey on Christmas Eve?  Let’s look into … Continue reading

Poinsettia fun facts

Poinsettias are another great Christmas tradition. These brightly coloured flowers are sure to brighten up any home through all our dark our December days. Our local poinsettia growers buy cuttings in mid-summer and carefully grow them until November/December. These poor … Continue reading

Mulled Apple and Pomegranate Juice

Longer nights, cooler mornings, rainy days… It’s a great time for warm drinks. Save this recipe to serve as part of your winter and Christmas celebrations. It has the colour and flavours that are sure to tickle your guest’s taste … Continue reading

Tips for caring for a fresh Christmas tree in your home

Fir trees were probably first used in Northern Europe about one thousand years ago; but get this; many homes hung their trees upside down from the ceiling using chains. Northern Europeans would also bring Hawthorne and cherry plants into their … Continue reading