Monthly Archives: January 2019

Beyond “Leeky”

Just in time for all those favorite winter recipes using leeks; here is a close up look at this very versatile vegetable. Leeks are cousins to onions, but rather than forming a tight bulb like the onion, leeks produce a … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between Cow Cheese and Goat Cheese?

We came across this article written by Dan Nosowitz in Modern Farmer and thought it would be of interest to our BC Farm Fresh cheese lovers. Sure cow milk is what comes to mind for most people when thinking about … Continue reading

What’s Your Egg-Q?

Everything you ever wanted to know about eggs, courtesy of the BC Egg Farmers. You’ll never look at eggs the same again. How many eggs can a hen lay in a year? About 300. Are brown eggs more nutritious than … Continue reading

Food bloggers look at 2019 food trends

Thanks to FullTilt Marketing for this interesting outlook on 2019! Here’s a look at the food trends for 2019 according to food bloggers. Usually we look for food trends from the large national grocery stores and retail outlets, but food … Continue reading