Farm Bios

Meet the Family behind Ralph’s Farm Market

Specializing in BC’s fresh produce, as well as Okanagan’s scrumptious in-season fruit, our family owned & operated business and family farm has grown steadily over the years. This year we are pleased to announce our second harvest of blueberries, fresh … Continue reading

Westham Island Herd Farm

Sharon Ellis Westham Island Herb Farm “It gets in your blood, this farming” said Janet Ellis. “I can’t think of anything else we would prefer to do”. “One good thing is we don’t have to face traffic every day to … Continue reading

Mary’s Garden

Mike and Ken Nootebos Mary’s Garden Mary’s Garden was started in 1966 in a little vegetable stand at the farm of Jack and Mary Nootebos. Over the years, Mary’s Garden has grown several times and now is located in it’s … Continue reading

Lepp Farm Market

Robert and Charlotte Lepp Lepp Farm Market “Fresh From the Farm to your Plate” is the standard for the Lepp Farm Market. Farming is in Rob Lepp’s blood. In 1975, his father, Henry Lepp, purchased the Matsqui property where Lepp … Continue reading

JD Farms Specialty Turkey Store

Jack and Debbie Froese JD Farms Specialty Turkey Store J.D. Farms is a family owned turkey farm in the beautiful Fraser Valley at Langley, BC. Jack and Debbie Froese grew up on farms in the Fraser Valley and continued their … Continue reading

Annie’s Orchard

Jim and Mary Ann Rahe Annie’s Orchard Prepared: August 28, 2008 “There is always something fresh off the tree” said Jim Rahe. It is this basic approach that drives the marketing philosophy of Annie’s Orchard in Langley. Basically what the … Continue reading

Pine Meadows Tree Farm Ltd.

Arthur and Tim Loewen Pine Meadows began as a 7 acre hobby farm in 1970 with Christmas trees for a U-cut/we-cut operation. Over the years more property was purchased and the operation expanded to include nursery stock. We now own … Continue reading

Willow View Farms

Murray andCheryl Siemens “We are really happy with the interest in our products this year” said Murray Siemens when asked about how his farm was doing compared to other years. “We’ve noted quite an increase in our sales from this … Continue reading

Dave’s Orchard

Dave and Sheila Ormrod Dave’s Orchard Prepared: January 7, 2010 “I guess you could say we’ve been farming for quite awhile” said Dave Ormrod, when asked about the history of his farm in Langley. “Our farm is on 216th St. … Continue reading

Maan Farms

Kris and Devinder Maan Maan Farms Prepared: 2009/11/2 “We like having people visit our farm to buy our wonderful berries and sweet corn, but also to learn more about our farm” said Devinder Maan, when asked about why her family … Continue reading

Honeybee Centre

John Gibeau Honeybee Centre Prepared: November 29, 2008 “We want everybody who works here to be able to answer your questions” said John Gibeau when asked about his farm philosophy and approach to the business. The Honeybee Centre, located on … Continue reading

K&M Farms

Mark Robbins K & M Farms Prepared: October 14, 2008 “We like to see the smiles on people’s faces after they’ve bought one of our birds and they come back for another one” said Mark Robbins of K and M … Continue reading

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery

Mike and Judy Campbell Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery Prepared: August 28, 2008 “We’ve been making wine since the 1960s so I suppose having a Meadery is not such a quantum leap” said Mike Campbell, as he explained the … Continue reading

Painted River Farm

Wes and Donna Gilmore Painted River Farm Prepared: August 20, 2008 “We couldn’t imagine doing anything else” said Donna Gilmore, when asked about why she likes farming. Both Donna and Wes were raised on farms and being involved in farming … Continue reading