Cooking with Edible Canada’s Eric Pateman

Date(s) - Tue, Dec 01
7:00 pm

Lepp Farm Market


Edible Canada is excited to be coming back to Lepp Farm Market to celebrate the best food and drink from Coast to Coast. The year, we will be featuring dishes that pair well with Canadian inspired cocktails. When you think of Canada, you think of amazing ingredients in the hands of many cultures, and beverages are no different! Join us for the informative evening where Edible Canada President. Eric Pateman, and Chef de Cuisine, Sarah Stewart, will engage and inspire you with 4 dishes celebrating cultural influences from east, west and central Canada. As always, the sessions will be filled with much discussion and debate around “what is Canadian cuisine, can it be defined, and what does the future hold?”. We will see you there and in true Edible Canada fashion, all dishes will be gluten free and likely, somewhere, duck fat will be involved! And remember, Gluten Free does not mean Flavour Free this class is for everyone and anyone who loves delicious food – it is a night to remember!

Cost: $87

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