Date(s) - Sat, Nov 04
2:00 pm

Amsterdam Garden Centre


Increase your fruit production by keeping Mason Bees!

We will explain how to set up and maintain your own Mason Bee house.  If you already keep Mason Bees, this workshop offers a great opportunity for you to BRING YOUR MASON BEE NEST(S) so that we can show you how to open your nests and clean the cocoons to get them ready for spring.

We encourage kids to participate as they will absolutely love to be involved with raising their own bees. (Mason Bees do not sting.)  We will have all of the products necessary to start your own

Mason Bee nests available for sale on this day.

When you register, please let us know if you will be bringing your Mason Bee Nest(s) to clean.

$5 ($5.25 incl tax) registration fee will be deducted from your purchase on this day.

Please register in advance with your name, and phone number by: phone 604-465-6614, or email: [email protected].

For more information: http://amsterdamgreenhouses.com/index.php/seminars