K & M Farms

  • 28494 MacLure Road, Abbotsford BC

  • 604.857.8912

COVID-19 update: K & M Farms is open and has the physical distancing measures you see in other stores. For those that prefer a higher level of distancing we offer prepayment by e transfer and (unattended) roadside pickup.

With more meals eaten at home we find our sales have been very strong. We still have chicken breast and chicken drumsticks available for the June 12/13 fresh pickup. Unfortunately the next available date for whole roasters, thighs and wings (and all other chicken products) is the July 17/18 fresh pickup day. After that we should have frozen product in stock.

If you would like to pre order for the June 12/13 fresh pickup or the July 17/18 fresh pickup just reply to this email with your order.

Most of our turkey products are available frozen now.

Thanks for your support.

Pasture raised poultry: taste the difference! K & M Farms raises poultry like your great grandmother did—the natural way—outdoors, on pasture, with no antibiotics, or hormones. Chickens and turkeys are kept on pasture, completely outdoors. Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Chickens are available fresh five times per year. Frozen product is available the rest of the year as supplies last. Check our website for pick–up days for fresh product.

OPEN: Monday to Saturday, by appointment only.

Farm Products: