K & M Farms

K & M Farms raises chickens and turkeys the way your great grandmother did – the natural way – outside on pasture. Our chickens and turkeys are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones and there is no soy in their feed. Chickens and turkeys are kept completely outdoors on rotated pasture allowing our birds to express natural behaviours like peck, scratch, forage and dust bathe. Chickens are available fresh four times per year.
Check out our website to see when 2021 fresh pick up weekends are and to place an order. We are only open by appointment outside of the listed fresh weekend pick up dates.

K & M farm’s has some new and exciting news… we now offer our Free Range chicken in our farm store. Our philosophy of growing our chickens longer and close to their natural environment applies to both the pasture raised and the free range chickens. Our pasture raised birds can only be raised during the warmer summer months while our free range birds can be raised year round. Check out our website to get more information.


OPEN: Monday to Saturday, by appointment only.

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