Life of Farm Dog Champ

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Hey Everyone! For those of you that haven’t had the chance to meet me out here on the farm, let me introduce myself. My name is Champ & I am the farm dog here at Aldor Acres. I know a lot of people may think I live the “Beverly Hills” high life out here…lots of space to run, acres of forest to explore, and endless supply of squirrels to chase. Yes, I admit those are all perks to my job BUT…I actually play a very important role here on the farm. Not to toot my own horn or anything! Let me give you a quick peek into a day in my farm life…


– Wake up, big stretch, & make sure my owner hasn’t hit snooze on her alarm clock. (Farmer Melissa has many great qualities but getting an early start to the day can be a challenge…shhh don’t tell her I told you!)


– Daily farm meeting to review our agenda for the day. Unfortunately, I don’t get to make my own agenda but if I did it would sure look a lot different. My farmers never included napping or sunbathing – important aspects of everyone’s lives, right???

8:30am till Dark

– It’s go time! Run countless laps around the chicken coops & goat petting zoo (to insure their safety and well being of course!).

– Chase every single crow or squirrel that sets wing/foot on the premises. This is one of my main responsibilities & takes up a large portion of my day. The crows like to munch on our pumpkin and corn crops – this drives the farmers crazy! Luckily, I’ve trained my best friend, Ellie, on crow chasing so now I have backup reinforcement on hand.

– Personally welcome & escort every single visitor to the farm. I know its quite the production but hey, you’re worth it! (Tips not necessary!)

– Round up the animals for dinner at chore time. Oh how I love this…herding is definitely my thing! All Farmer Melissa has to say is “Bring em up Champ” & I’m off to the races. I’ve taken a few hooves to the head but yes, I admit, sometimes I deserve it. Keeps me humble!

– Clean up crew! Whether its food scraps under picnic tables, grain spills in the barn, or dropped eggs by the chicken coop…I’m your guy. I try really hard to resist the urge to check out the garbages after a busy October day or other opening on the farm but the smells of leftover hot dogs, chips, and popcorn are just to drool for!

– Relax and unwind with my farmer – fetching sticks in the creek, walk in the bush, and watching the sunset from the front porch. One of the best parts of the day!

Dark till 7:30am

-Continuous rotation of short cat naps, nibbling on my kibbles, and nighttime coyote supervisor. (Or in other words continuous barking at coyotes and other imaginary creatures!)


Well, there it is…my life in a nutshell. Next time you come visit make sure to come say hello. I’m hard to miss, just look for the fluffy, fury, white, spotted guy running around smiling from ear to ear. Because yes, I LOVE my life here on the farm!


If you want to meet Champ; Aldor Acres will be open all four days of the Easter week-end.