Sumas Mountain Farms

  • BC Certified Organic Farm

Sumas Mountain Farms is a producer of certified organic, SPCA Certified, lifetime grass-fed and finished beef, locally in the Lower Mainland/Greater Vancouver area. We are the only local producers of certified organic soy-free air-chilled chicken, certified organic soy-free pastured pork, and certified organic soy-free eggs, all of which are also SPCA Certified for animal welfare. We also offer specialty products such as pepperoni, salami, breakfast sausage, farmer sausage, and bone broth, plus, organ meats and unusual cuts you won’t find elsewhere. Sumas Mountain Farms is a family owned farm, producing beef, pork, chicken and eggs, which are truly healthy. Our animals are raised on our certified-organic pastures on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford. Our organic certification is through FVOPA, and our animal welfare certification is through the BC SPCA. We are winners of the Environmental Leadership Award for Local Food. Place your order directly on our website and choose pickup or delivery right-to-your-door.

OPEN year round, by appointment only.