Monthly Archives: December 2017

BC Farm Fresh’s Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost the end of the year and the start of a whole new year. A great way to mark the New Year is to make resolutions for personal improvement. At BC Farm Fresh we did some research into the … Continue reading

Ten Reasons Why Santa Claus Could have been a farmer

Here’s a light hearted story that compares Santa Claus to farmers. Whether it’s true we’ll let you decide!               He works all year, just to give his stuff away He’s good with livestock He … Continue reading

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

Looking for something different to do with your turkey left-overs? This is a great low-carb version of Tacos. No shells, just lettuce. Colourful, bright and tasty!             Ingredients 1 Tbsp olive oil 3/4 cup Chopped … Continue reading

The History of Christmas Trees

When it comes to Christmas trees; what type of family are you? Does your family believe that it’s never too early to put a tree up? Or do you prefer to wait until two weeks before or one week before … Continue reading

Turkey Soup with White Beans, Vegetables and Pesto

Are you looking ahead to what to do with leftover turkey after Christmas? Here is a great turkey soup recipe from Thrifty Foods that is so hearty it is almost a meal on its own.     Makes: 10 servings Type … Continue reading

Poinsettia fun facts

Poinsettias are another great Christmas tradition. These brightly coloured flowers are sure to brighten up any home through all our dark our December days. Our local poinsettia growers buy cuttings in mid-summer and carefully grow them until November/December. These poor … Continue reading

Blueberry Linzer Cookies

Here’s a classic Christmas cookie, but with a BC twist – it’s made with blueberries! They’re a little work, but these cookies are just as delicious as they are beautiful!           JAM FILLING: 1 cup 150g … Continue reading

Tips for choosing and caring for a fresh Christmas tree

Christmas is just around the corner and your family may be setting out to choose that perfect fresh Christmas tree. Before you head out here are a few tips to help you first choose your tree and then care for … Continue reading