Tips for choosing and caring for a fresh Christmas tree

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Christmas is just around the corner and your family may be setting out to choose that perfect fresh Christmas tree. Before you head out here are a few tips to help you first choose your tree and then care for it.







Tips for choosing a fresh Christmas tree

  • Measure the height and width of the area where the tree will be displayed. Cultivated Christmas trees tend to have an 80 per cent taper. This means that a tree that is two metres tall will be approximately 1.6 metres wide (7′ tall will be 5′ 6″ wide) at the bottom
  • ensure your tree stand is large enough to hold four liters (one gallon) of water as well as the trunk of the tree
  • Some tree species have more open foliage, stiffer branches or longer needles. Keep this in mind as decide on your perfect tree.
  • Some have a stronger Christmas tree smell than others; ask the expert where you buy your tree.

Tips for caring for a fresh Christmas tree in your home

  • store the tree in a cool place, out of the wind and rain, until it is ready to be brought indoors
  • when bringing the tree indoors, cut 1 to 2 cm (½ to ¾ of an inch) off the tree stump before placing it in water – the cut must be no more than four hours old; otherwise sap will seal the cut and prevent the water from rising, thus drying out the tree
  • the first water fill should be with warm water enabling the sap to flow readily. As the tree warms, water will be drawn upwards replenishing the moisture to the extremities.
  • Assign a family member to top up the water twice daily so the base of the tree never dries out. Your tree will drink several liters of water every day for the first week or two.