Corn – What’s in a Name?

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At BC Farm Fresh we’ve been getting a few questions about corn; people looking for old favorite varieties and familiar names. We came across this great blog from Lepp Farm Market that’s a veritable corn-cyclopedia.




Now let’s talk about Corn

First, there is no such thing as “Chilliwack” corn. It’s not a variety, it’s only… wait for it… corn grown in Chilliwack! And they grow the same varieties we grow here in Abbotsford.

Second, let me clarify a few things:

One more fun fact: the tassel of a corn plant is where the pollen is produced and its spread by the wind to the silks of the ear, which means that each silk will produce one kernel. If you could count the silky strands, you would know how many kernels there should be on the cob! That one always wows people, so please feel free to use that to impress your friends at your next party.

Now you know the truth behind all different varieties of corn. All that’s left is to enjoy them!

Thanks to Lepp Farm Market for this blog!