FVFDMA’s Top ten New Year’s Resolutions

Warning: this blog provides a very slanted view on life!

It’s almost the end of the year and the start of a whole new year. A great way to mark the New Year is to make resolutions for personal improvement. At BC Farm Fresh we did some research into the top ten New Year’s resolutions and they’re listed below with some editorial comments and some tips on meeting those resolutions.

Number one: Lose weight

Number two: Eat healthier food

BC Farm Fresh is all over these two resolutions. Our member farms sell a wide range of fruits and vegetables to help you both eat healthier and lose weight. You’ll have to do the first step by switching from deep-fried broccoli to steamed broccoli.

Number three: Spend more time with family and friends

Number four: Smile more and be kinder to people


At BC Farm Fresh we can provide you with lots of opportunities to meet these two resolutions. We offer all sorts of activities that you can do with your family and friends – fishing, hay wagon rides, corn mazes, crafts, cooking classes, and wine tasting. Lepp and Krause both have cooking classes that will help you meet our first two resolutions of eating healthier foods. You can’t help but smile at people when you’re at one of our member farms – it’s so much fun!






Number five: Try something new

Number six: Do something crazy!

Looking for new and crazy? Look no further than BC Farm Fresh! Make 2016 the year to expand your colour palette and try some of those strange vegetables for the first time! If you’ve already fallen in love with kohlrabi, how about trying Swiss chard or purple potatoes? For the adults, maybe 2016 is the year to try some of BC Farm Fresh fruit wine or mead.






Number seven: Get more rest

Number eight: Do more exercise

Sigh, yes at BC Farm Fresh these are the two areas in our lives that always seem to get short changed. This year we vow to get to bed earlier and treat sleep as an important part of our lives rather than making do. Our role model will be the many cats spotted working hard on BC Farm Fresh farms.


BC Farm Fresh has some great ways to add exercise to your lives – u-pick berry, apple. and pumpkin farms. In December go out to our member farms to harvest your own u-cut Christmas tree.







Number nine: Find true love

Number ten: Help save the planet

You may call us shallow, but at BC Farm Fresh we’ve already found the true love of our lives at Krause Berry Farms. But we’re two-timing their fresh berry pies and waffles. A very hard choice to make!

fruit-custard-pie-2012b imgp3989

You can take the first step towards saving the planet by shopping local and supporting our local BC Farm Fresh farms. Not only do they grow great fruit, vegetables, meat and flowers, but they also provide important habitat for wildlife and green space for the rest of us to enjoy.


BC Farm Fresh hopes you’ve enjoyed learning about our New Year’s resolutions. We wish you all the best making and meeting your New Year’s resolutions. Feel free to use ours and we hope that BC Farm Fresh can help you meet them!