Goat’s Milk Gelato at Milner Valley Cheese

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Gelato is something that our family farm has always had an interest in producing from the beginning. Cheese was our first ambition, but we also wanted a product to complement the cheese. So why not gelato? It’s a fantastic treat on a hot summer day, plus we already produce goat’s milk, the key ingredient.

Often mistaken for ice cream, gelato is unique in so many ways. Ice cream, as the name indicates, is primarily made with cream, whereas gelato is produced with whole milk. Ice cream consists mainly of cream and air, sometimes as much as 50% air. It is the high amount of cream that contributes to higher calories and fat in ice cream. The slow churning of milk in gelato creates less air, making it denser and creating that thicker texture.

Gelato is traditionally made with cow’s milk as it is more widely obtainable than goat’s milk. The milk from goats however offers more beneficial properties. You may not know this, but cow’s milk separates milk and cream naturally, whereas goat’s milk is homogenous. Meaning, the foamy cream and fluid milk of goats milk are mixed together in one consistent unit. What does this mean? Instead of tasting air and cream, you’re experiencing the richer, smoother texture that goat’s milk offers. Plus the 5% butterfat content that our Nubian goats provide add that creamier style that brings out the flavours in our farmstead gelato.

So with that we invite you to visit the farmgate shop to try our gelato. With more flavours to choose from this summer there are endless choices. Your go-to favorites like chocolate, vanilla or the decadent hazelnut, to tangy ones like lemon and mango. Coconut, cappuccino, and salted caramel are also popular as well as the sugar-free raspberry. Keep in mind that flavour availability will vary throughout the year. One more thing worth mentioning; this summer you can enjoy the gelato in our new handmade waffle cones!

Now that you know all about Milner Valley Cheese’s great gelato, be sure to stop by for a taste!

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Meet some of the goats that are the start of our great cheese and gelato: