Local Foods Focus on Safety and Quality

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When you buy local foods, make sure you are also buying food quality and food safety. At Hopcott Farms, every generation since 1932 has taken pride in the farm and its products. Hopcott Premium Meats is a family-owned and run business where many steps are taken to guarantee the quality and safe handling of their beef. The animals are specially tagged at birth and are never injected with added hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Animals are humanely slaughtered at a federally-inspected plant only minutes away. Hopcott’s works closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure safe handling and production of all their meat products, whether grown on their own farm or sourced locally from other farmers. Also, much effort is made to ensure flavour as well as safety and quality. This includes dry aging their beef, a practice not common in the beef industry but one that ensures the most juicy, flavourful beef available. A motto at Hopcott’s is, “if we won’t feed it to our own family, we won’t offer it to our customers”.