Looking at Some 2018 Food Trends

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BC Farm Fresh surfed the web to look at possible food trends for 2018. Wow, the year ahead looks to be really exciting, tasty and colourful. But don’t be alarmed that the experts are expecting you to change. From what we could see the experts are finally catching up to the core values of BC Farm Fresh – local, fresh, and healthy!

Below is a quick look at some of the predicted top trends for 2018 accompanied by a few editorials that we couldn’t resist throwing in. We hope you enjoy the look forward into 2018.

Full Fats

Butter is no longer evil. The ingredient that makes everything taste 100 times better is finally back from the dark side along with other full-fat foods, such as yogurt.

BC Farm Fresh loves butter and we’re glad that foodies finally realize it’s health benefits and how great it makes everything taste!


The nose-to-tail philosophy revolutionized how restaurants and home cooks think about meat. Now, in order to curb food waste, many are taking the same approach to fruits and veggies. Famous chefs say there’s lots you can do with the vegetable parts you’d normally throw out — like broccoli stalks and beet leaves. Not only is this trend good for you, it’s also good for the environment (and your wallet).

Our BC Farm Fresh farms have been selling a great selection of these products for years!






Be on the lookout for healthier snack foods made with organic ingredients and zero trans fats, as well as less sugar. We’ll probably be grazing on stuff that’s popped, puffed, dried, and cripsed. Healthier alternatives that star root veggies as a main ingredient will also be part of the trend, so expect to add puffed parsnip chips and popped jicama crisps to your pantry.

Don’t forget wonderful snacks like BC Farm Fresh berries and vegetables.

Floral Flavours

Drinks and dishes made with rosewater, lavender and elderberry flower are set to increase in popularity next year. You’ll be craving these pretty petals come spring.

Be sure to visit Yarrow Elderberry Farm in May to buy your elderberry flowers.






“Wake and Cake”

With all the healthy trends coming our way in 2018, this indulgent prediction is truly something different. Apparently cake for breakfast will be big next year because if you eat it in the morning, you have all day to digest it.

All we can say is “Wow”! Who would every have thought that this would be a food trend?


Beyond non-GMO, organic, Fair Trade, pasture-raised, and cage-free, consumers are demanding to know how their pantry stapes are grown, raised, and manufactured more than ever.

Our BC Farm Fresh farms are there every time you stop by to answer any and all your questions. The ultimate transparency in food is knowing the farmer that grew and sells you your food.

Traditional Bread

Unless you’re a celiac, it’s once again alright to eat bread. But bakers in 2018 are expected to demand the same standards, sourcing and production processes as with their proteins and vegetables. Bakers are using local grains, milling the day before baking, and incorporating long proofing times, re-inventing what good bread means.





Many BC Farm Fresh members sell some great, traditional breads. We’ve taste-tasted many of them, and we know just how fabulous they all are. If you’re ready for the next step; Anita’s Organic Grain and Four Mill Ltd is there to sell you all types of organic grains and flours.


That’s it for a look into 2018! We hope to see you back in 2018 supporting all our great local farms.