Mexican Steak Taco Bowl

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Just in time for Cinco De Mayo celebrations, Lepp Farm Market has this great recipe. The recipe includes comments and insights from Charlotte Lepp.

The best thing about “bowl” recipes is that you can whip them up using whatever you have on hand, improvising as you go. Or, you can take your time and make an exceptional dish with from-scratch sauces and marinades. It really is as time-intensive (or not) as you’d like it to be.

I’ve combined some of my favourite elements, like a flavourful grilled steak, two creamy from-scratch sauces and a cilantro-lime quinoa (or rice, you choose!) for the base. From there, you can add (or not add) as many other fresh chopped toppings as you’d like.

For this recipe, we’ll be preparing:


I recommend marinating the steak overnight before making this bowl, it really is worth that extra step. Just whip up a batch of marinade on a Sunday afternoon, and you’ll be all set later in the week when you want to make this! No time for that? No problem –  to make this dish even easier, purchase a Lepp’s Cedar-Planked Flat-Iron Steak and grill according to directions. It won’t have the Mexican spices on it, but once you add all the other elements to the bowl, no one will ever know.

It may look like a lot of ingredients at first, but don’t worry – if you cook from home on any kind of regular basis, you likely already have a lot of these things in your fridge or cupboard. Plus, a lot of the components we’re making have similar ingredients.

1 Cedar Plank Flat Iron Steak

For The Steak Marinade (Optional):

For The Creamy Avocado & Jalapeno Sauce

For the Chipotle Cream Sauc

For the Lime-Cilantro Quinoa or Rice


Thanks to Lepp Farm Market for this great recipe!