Pine Meadows Tree Farm Ltd.

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Arthur and Tim Loewen

Pine Meadows began as a 7 acre hobby farm in 1970 with Christmas trees for a U-cut/we-cut operation. Over the years more property was purchased and the operation expanded to include nursery stock. We now own two farms in Chilliwack BC, Canada; the 15 acre U-cut Christmas tree operation at 47036 Prairie Central Road and the main farm of 63 acres at 47561 Lindell Road with office and shipping yard. We also lease about 60 acres.

About 80% of our production is nursery/landscape material specializing in grafted and natural conifers, a good variety of Japanese maples, and a number of other deciduous plants. We normally have six employees, including family members with occasional other help during busy seasons. Our nursery is a wholesale only operation. We ship to many locations in BC, eastern Canada, and the United States. We supply wholesale Christmas trees to many garden centers in BC as well as to some chain stores. We have shipped wholesale Christmas trees to other countries like Mexico and the former Soviet Union.

The highlight for us comes every December when we meet the public looking for their special Christmas tree. Many families have made it a tradition that builds memories for them. As the children get older they still come as a family arriving in a few vehicles and waiting until everyone gets here before going out to cut that perfect tree. Often everyone gets a turn at pushing the saw through the tree and then they take turns pulling the wagon with the tree back to the yard. Next they make sure it gets shaken to remove any dead needles or insects that may be caught in the tree. From there they watch as it is wrapped with string or netting to make it easy to transport in their car and taken into the house. Now it is time to go into the warm up room to have some complimentary hot chocolate or hot apple cider and look at all the ribbons and trophies we have won over the years. Many enjoy seeing the farm animals we have in the barn. The kids always make sure they get their candy cane. Most people are in a celebrating mood making it a pleasure to serve them.