Sticky Chicken

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This is another wonderful recipe from Lepp Farm Market with a great introduction and tips from Charlotte Lepp.

As our children were growing up, this recipe adapted from Better Baking was often my go-to dinner on a busy day. It’s a great make-ahead dish, as you can can even mix the ingredients together right in the baking pan, pop the dish in the fridge to marinate and it’s ready to place in the oven when you come home. By the time the homework is done and the rice is cooked, the chicken has baked into a gorgeous sticky, tangy and not overly sweet dish. I’ve passed this recipe on to countless people, and young and old can’t resist a simple “sweet and sour chicken”, making it special enough for company.

I prefer bone-in pieces like drumsticks and thighs as I find them to be more moist and flavourful than boneless breasts.  I usually remove the skin, but that’s a matter of personal preference.  To easily remove skin from a drumstick, grasp the skin in a piece of paper towel and pull.  This eliminates it slipping out of your hands! Or alternatively, ask one of our friendly butchers to do it for you!  





Thanks to Lepp Farm Market for this great recipe!