Strawberries Announce Summer

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But They May be Around Longer Than You Think!

Nothing announces the arrival of summer quite like the taste and aroma of juicy sweet strawberries. We expect local strawberries will be available by mid-June in 2011 and the quality of the fruit will be excellent. BC strawberries are hand harvested, none is machine picked. BC strawberries are vine-ripened and picked daily giving the berries their unique, intense, and sweet flavour. There are about 25 commercial strawberry growers in BC and most are in the Fraser Valley. The main strawberry varieties grown in BC are Puget Reliance, Rainier and Totem. These are June bearing strawberries. But, you are going to see, increasingly, the ever bearing variety called Albion. Growers with Albion berries will have strawberries until September. Check out the strawberry farms in your area (use the website at www.bcstrawberries. com) to see if they’ll have strawberries all summer long and into the early Fall. You may find that strawberries will both announce summer and keep summer going for longer than you think.