The Effects of Gardening as a Child

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In our blog last week we talked about the health benefits of gardening for elderly women. Research showed that elderly women who participated in gardening significantly reduced their waist circumference and improved aerobic endurance, hand dexterity, cognitive function, and amount of their daily physical activity.

A nationwide research project in the United States looked at college students’ lifestyles and eating habits in an effort to better understand what factors predict and influence the eating choices and health behaviors of college and high school students. They found some amazing results. Their study showed that if college students gardened as children or garden now, the chances are that they will eat more fruits and vegetables than their fellow students that didn’t garden as a child or as a young adult.

Researchers thought that the more gardening opportunities for children, the more likely it was for college students to consume more fruits and vegetables. The results highlight the importance of teaching agriculture, farming and gardening in school classes of all ages and having a garden at home.

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