Wedding Favors at BC Farm Fresh

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Congratulations! You’re getting married. We know, we know…you have a to-do list that is 3 feet long!

First things first. Venue. The Fraser Valley has gorgeous farm venues that are ready to be explored. Once you have the perfect venue crossed off of your list, it’s time to tackle the rest. What do my bridesmaids wear? What song should we dance to? Should crazy Uncle Bob get a turn on the microphone? While we can’t help with some of those items, we have some suggestions for your guests’ takeaway– that memorable piece that will have them talking all month.

Let’s be honest, how many wedding favors have you been given that you are left, unused, on a shelf. Aren’t the best favors the ones that are homemade? Most of us tend to appreciate the love and time that goes into a hand-made wedding favor, and our list is full of ideas that will leave an edible legacy.

Does Grandma have a family-favourite jam recipe? Attach the story on a tag around the neck of the jar. Or honey? Local-honey is so good for you and the syrupy goodness can be about sharing the ‘nectar of your love’ with your friends and family.

Here are some creative answers from BC Farm Fresh.

 Be sure to contact the farms well in advance of your wedding if you are planning on buying any of these items in a large quantity. Shelf space at our farms and seasonality both impact supply. For some ideas you may have to also purchase twine, ribbons, bags, and decorative tags.

Lepp Farm Market’s suggestions





Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery’s suggestion





Minter Country Garden’s suggestion





Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery ‘s suggestions





Honeybee Centre’s suggestion