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It’s an exciting new year at BC Farm Fresh. New for 2017 at BC Farm Fresh is weddings! Yes, several of our farms are offering their fabulous farm location to host your perfect farm/country styled wedding.


Some might brush it off as nostalgia, but we like to think that there is much more to the growing popularity of the rustic, farm-themed wedding. We live in a time where our lives are inundated and white noise fills our minds. The digital world has provided convenience but created distraction. In the midst of it all, ‘trends’ have taken us back to a simpler time where we can reconnect with the generations.


We see the younger generations embracing vintage décor and thrift-fashion, canning seasonal, local fruits and vegetables, taking Instagram food shots against reclaimed wooden surfaces, and sharing gardening tips in light of food security. We see a generation that is more health conscious as they support local farmers. Clacking knitting needles aren’t just for our grandmothers as we wear ‘grandma shawls’ knitted by a local artisan. These aren’t trends but, rather, just the way it used to be when we had a stronger sense of community and time to relate to our natural surroundings.


And, then when we find our soulmate we start to re-evaluate who we are and what kind of life we want, not only ourselves, but for the children we intend to have. What legacy will we leave?


Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your new life. It’s no wonder that brides-to-be are most stressed about the venue and where they will be exchanging their vows. Do we choose a sparkly ballroom, a vibrant orchard, or a classic red barn? The rise in demand for farm weddings is evident that many brides are in touch with their authentic selves and are tapping into a residual energy left from generations long ago.

We have four member farms where you can hold your wedding.


If you are interested; be sure to book early because these venues are sure to sell out quickly.

Hopcott Weddings



Maan Farms (the top photo is also taken at Maan Farms)



Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery





Golden Ears Cheesecrafters