Sumas Mountain Farms

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Sumas Mountain Farms is a producer of 100% certified-organic, lifetime grass-fed and finished beef locally in the Lower Mainland/Greater Vancouver. We also are the only local producers of certified organic soy-free and corn-free chicken, certified organic soy-free pastured pork, and certified organic soy-free and corn-free eggs. Our animals are raised on 100% certified-organic pastures in the heart of the Central Fraser Valley, Abbotsford. Our beef is dry-aged, and available in small or large quantities, by the cut. Our organic certification is through Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association. We also offer specialty products such as grass fed pepperoni, salami, breakfast sausage, farmer sausage, and more. Our layer chickens are in mobile chicken coops which are regularly moved around our pastures, meaning the hens have living pasture to forage on, year-round. Sumas Mountain Farms is a family-owned farm, and our caring approach to the animals and the land results in beef, pork, chicken and eggs that are truly healthy. Sumas Mountain Farms is also SPCA certified for animal welfare. The quality of the meat is exceptional, and the flavor is unsurpassed. Plus, our meat products are more nutrient-dense, and they are packed with healthful Omega-3’s. You can place your order directly on our website, and pickup directly from our farm.